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Prepare your quilt for the longarm machine

Several steps are needed to prepare your quilt so your quilt will be the best it can be. Who doesn't want a better looking finished quilt!

  • Iron the front of the quilt, especially as you are sewing the blocks together. Place top and backing (also ironed) on hangers folded length ways. Pin work order on quilt top (download from bottom of the page). Mark your batting with last name and first initial.
  • If your quilt is sewn on the bias or the borders are piano keys, sew a 1/8 inch stabilizing stitch all the way around the outer edge. This will help with the integrity of the quilt.
  • Open up the intersections of blocks that have more than 4 seams coming together. (Take the few stitches that extend over the 1/4" seam line out, open and press flat) This step is to prevent the nail hard raised multiple intersections of blocks. This step helps eliminate an uneven sewing surface for the longarm machine. The foot of the machine does not move up and down as freely as a domestic does.
  • Recheck seams so they are sewn to a 1/4 inch to avoid seam separation while on the longarm machine.
  • Trim all threads front and back. If you have chosen a light colored backing, the threads may show through.
  • Make sure your backing on all of the sides have straight edges. Seamed backings should be sewn 1" allowance andpressed open. This makes a stronger backing at the seam. Seams should be horizontal, this avoids dips in your back while on the machine and prevents pinches in the backing.
  • Backing and batting should be the same size all the wayaround. so when clamping both from the sides of the fabric and batting remains smooth.
  • I like to have 6" on each side of the quilt. I at times load the quilt sideways on my machine to quilt it. Each longarmer is different so ask about their personal preferences.

These are just a few steps that not only assist the longarmer in producing a better product for you.. We realize you put in long hours constructing your quilt top. These added steps are just as important as the construction is for the final outcome. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry. Below is a work order form for you to download.


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